To equip Africans, through innovative teaching and research, with contemporary cognitive, affective, 21st century problem solving skills in mitigating and adapting to climate change challenges in a sustainable and socially just manner within the Sub-Saharan African region.


To offer qualitative training at Ph.D and Post- Doctoral levels aimed at contemporary and contextual cognitive enhancement on climate change challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To develop favourable disposition that will stimulate mental strength and attitude in dealing with community-based climate change challenges.

To serve as a train-the-trainers’ program for innovative skilled climate change doctoral and post-doctoral students who will later undertake training of community leaders and members on essential knowledge and skills in climate change adaptation and mitigation education for sustainability.

To develop and apply models of innovative training and contemporary research techniques influenced by technological applications and software.

To empower women and children with climate change adaptation and mitigation skills within their cultural context.

To equip our doctoral students with climate change adaptation and mitigation skills as well as twenty first century skills for effective management and impact on communities.

To identify and solve national and regional climate change challenges affecting some of our farmers within their cultural context as well as application of relevant technology.